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February, 2024

Ecogensus Announces Teaming Agreement for 1,500 Rhino Recyclers Install, O&M

Ecogensus is soon launching its U.S. Phase 1 Roll-Out which will consist of an estimated 1,500 Rhino Recyclers over 42 months.

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June, 2024 Ecogensus Announces Groundbreaking Reinforced Sustainable Composite Material

Next Generation Material Represents Major Advancement in the Field of New Building Materials

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May, 2024 Ecogensus Develops Novel New Sustainable Resource: Plastic Substitutes Derived from Mixed Household Wastes

New Patent Grant Elevates Ecogensus as a Leader in Advanced Material Science

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March, 2023 Sustainable Luxury Furniture and Modern Home Decor Find a Home in Newly Launched House of Ecologie

Architect & Interior Designer Campion Platt Tapped to Design First Capsule Collection

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February, 2023 Ecogensus Company Secures $120+ Million Licensing and Supply Deal

Total Multi-Year Contract Value Could Far Exceed $1.5 Billion

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January, 2023 All New 2023 Rhino Recycler
Series Announced!

Ecogensus' Rhino company announces the all new Rhino Recycler design! The latest Recycler design represents the next evolution of the 5000L Series, using the same core waste processor vessel but adding new system-level features such as the ability to be connected to the GlobalConnect platform.

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April, 2022 Long-Term Performance Guarantees Insured by Ariel Re/Lloyd’s

Ecogensus Technology Insured Performance Guarantees and Project Revenue Protection Program...

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July, 2020 Technology Beats Estimates on Processing and Energy Performance Metrics

Model EGS-5000L System Exceeds Rated Processing Capacity By 36% and Energy Consumption Proves 45% Lower Than Estimates

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August, 2020 Former Keurig Green Mountain CFO Joins Ecogensus Board

Seasoned Industry Executive Pete Leemputte Brings 35 Years of Financial Management Experience

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October, 2020 Ecogensus Waste Recycling Process Patented in European Union

Sustainable Waste-to-Value Process Receives Patent in EU, further Expanding Ecogensus' Global Patent Portfolio

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September, 2020 Ecogensus Spanning the Globe with Innovative Technology

Key Patents Granted in Several Countries Across Asia and South America as Ecogensus Expands Solutions for the Circular Economy

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October, 2020 Ecogensus Receives EU Patent for Waste-to-Fuel

New European patent adds to full suite of patents across world in waste recycling and resource recovery

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October, 2020 Ecogensus is solving issues of waste management and co2 emissions

Swanson Reed Features Ecogensus Work in Waste Recycling and Reducing CO2 emissions

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November, 2020 Ecogensus wins European patent

Waste & Recycling magazine describes Ecogensus' EU patent for waste-to-value

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