Transformative solutions.
Multiple industries.

One Focus.

We are helping drive the resource revolution and putting an end to waste.

Preserving the earth and protecting people’s future is our mission.

Ecogensus is committed to innovative technology solutions that create value, reduce waste, and protect environmental and public health. Our solutions range from patented waste recycling systems to revolutionary luxury furniture made directly from mixed, unsorted household wastes. We are growing from humble roots and today are organized into six different business lines – all bound together by a common mission: ending waste.

Our Business Lines

Rhino sets the standard for solid material processing equipment. The company is best known for our Recyclers – a revolutionary, patented new class of equipment for upcycling mixed, unsorted residual municipal solid waste. Rhino systems offers industry-leading processors for everything from wastewater sludge to lignite coal. Rhino lines include:

  • Flagship Recycler 5000L Mobile Series (mobile, ruggedized waste recycling systems)
  • Recycler Series – 300L, Fixed and Mobile 5000L, Other Models Coming Soon!
  • Wastewater Sludge Processors and Solid Material Processors (Specialized Industrial and Mixing Applications)
  • Low Rank/Lignite Coal Upgrading for Coal Use Reduction Programs

Recycling Facilities

Next generation resource recovery and processing facilities

The newly launched WeRecycle brings together deep experience in materials recovery facilities (MRFs) design and development, advanced processing technologies, digital platform-based management and industry partnerships.

WeRecycle has a flexible approach in developing next generation recycling facilities: upgrading existing transfer stations, co-locating recycling operations at landfills, partnering with MRFs, and developing new locations.

WeRecycle is on a mission to end waste, maximize resource recovery, and create value.

Network platform for monitoring sustainability goals & recovered resource management

Ecogensus’ GlobalConnect is a digital platform to connect recycling and resource recovery facilities and and enable real-time monitoring, data gathering and analytics. Ecogensus GlobalConnect is being designed to be integrated/co-located with the Rhino auxiliary modules that acts as the site hub. GlobalConnect then integrates these site hubs and will enable portal- access to customers, investors and other stakeholders. Ecogensus’ GlobalConnect leverages our existing expertise in instrumentation and controls (I&C) systems, process equipment monitoring, remote operation/monitoring of Rhino systems, and experience with other recycling and materials handling technologies.

A materials science company producing sustainable advanced products from recovered resources & waste

Ecogensus Elements develops new materials and products directly from household waste – the ultimate in sustainability – including proprietary composite materials (lumber substitutes), powders and granules. Ecogensus Elements is at the cutting edge of the circular economy, producing materials that address the global waste crisis (including stopping methane emissions) and providing a nearly endless, sustainable resource. End products range from raw materials for sale to third party producers (to replace first-use fossil-derived plastics) to wood substitutes that can be used for furniture, house siding, flooring/decking. Advanced research is also underway that enables enhancements to be added to the waste-derived materials (such as strength-enhancements, eco-friendly flame retardants, and biocides).

Powering the global energy transformation

EGP Energy is a sustainability-focused fuel provider and energy marketing firm. EGP offers the world’s leading bioenergy solutions, including patented high-energy coal replacement biofuels produced from household waste.

EGP has the experience and capability to supply the utility sector and industrial fuel customers around the world.

Sustainable furniture. Modern luxury design. Home décor.

The House of Ecologie is a sustainable furniture and home goods brand specializing in modern design. Offering inspired, unique designs and handcrafted pieces, the House of Ecologie is committed to being a good steward of the planet. To prevent deforestation, the furniture pieces utilize proprietary waste-derived advanced composite materials in lieu of wood and also incorporate other recovered and recycled materials.


Resource Recovery & Recycling

Partnering with industry to provide an alternative to landfill waste disposal

We offer revolutionary recycling solutions to process residual landfill-bound waste and work with industry to drive the circular economy. Our equipment-focused solutions can be installed at existing transfer stations, recycling facilities, landfills or locations along transport routes. Our digital resource management solution enables industry to monitor their progress towards sustainability goals.

Biosafety & Biosecurity

Safe and economical solutions for distributed, close-to-source waste treatment and processing

Communities and waste generators are looking for new solutions to safely and cost-effectively process and treat materials, including household waste. Rhino offers systems that can process mixed, bulky materials within enclosed stainless-steel vessels in a combustion-free environment. Systems can be fixed or ruggedized for rapid/mobile deployment. Please contact Rhino for more information.

Energy & Natural Resources

Delivering fossil-replacement new bioenergy solutions to power stations and industrial boiler operators

We are focused on low carbon solutions that can be used in existing infrastructure as a bridge solution to decarbonizing the economy. Our waste-derived biofuel is the world’s leading coal-replacement fuel, suitable for direct substitution in coal power plants, coal industrial boilers, and cement factories. Our lignite refining and upgrading solutions can reduce coal usage while maintaining baseload generating capacity.

Sustainable Materials

Giving life to the building blocks of our world. Offering sustainable raw materials and finished products that replace wood, plastic and other fossil-derived or first-use materials

We have the flexibility to work with a number of entry points in the market. Our advanced materials derived from waste, such as waste-derived powders and granules, are designed for use by third-party producers as a raw material. Our wood- substitute composite boards produced from municipal solid waste help reduce deforestation and are for retail, wholesale, and building material buyers. Through House of Ecologie, we are offering finished luxury products such as modern furniture.


On-site sludge processing systems for dewatering, thermal processing for biosafety, and bioenergy production

Rhino offers wastewater sludge processors that can efficiently treat, process, and upgrade wastewater sludge in a patented process. Rhino solutions for wastewater will be introduced in 2023 and represent a major new innovation in addressing the costs, disease transmission and microplastics contamination issues associated with sewage sludge. Our sludge-processing equipment is designed for incorporation into wastewater plant operations.