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Ecogensus is excited to announce the formation of our new Rhino business line and the 2023 Recyclers – 5000L Series (Second Generation).

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It’s Not Just Recycling.
It’s Rebirth.

Ecogensus is giving new life to recovered waste materials, helping our planet support ever-growing demands for energy and raw materials.

We are helping drive the resource revolution. We are putting an end to the environmental and health damage caused by waste, including from landfilling and dumping.

Our mission is to harvest the billions of tons of discarded materials that are thrown away each year and to give them new life.

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The global resource revolution affects everyone and it starts with working together to put an end to waste. It is not sustainable to keep throwing away billions of tons of materials each year – instead we should make useful products from them. Ecogensus is the global leader in thinking differently about creating new products from waste. We do this with breakthrough advances in physical materials processing, materials science, and sustainable design.

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