Ecogensus Announces Teaming Agreement for 1,500 Rhino Recyclers Install, O&M


Ecogensus Announces Teaming Agreement for 1,500 Rhino Recyclers Install, O&M

Signed with Regal Rexnord Corporation

HOUSTONFeb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Ecogensus is soon launching its U.S. Phase 1 Roll-Out, which will consist of an estimated 1,500 Rhino Recyclers over 42 months. To ensure excellence in execution, Ecogensus is building its U.S. deployment team, which includes Regal Rexnord Industrial Field Services for installation and maintenance of Rhino systems.

Ecogensus has worked with Regal Rexnord for many years as a key supplier of powertrain sub-systems into the Rhino Recycler. Regal Rexnord (www.regalrexnord.com) employs over 36,000 people who are responsible for making it a leader in energy efficiently converting power into motion. With an established Field Services team, Regal Rexnord is now preparing to support installation of several Rhino Recyclers at an Ecogensus site that has begun development and is planned for commissioning in late Q2 2024.

“This collaboration is a major step forward for Ecogensus’ first phase roll-out, which will have a significant impact on enhancing recycling infrastructure in the U.S. – we anticipate multiple positive outcomes from the deployment including significant reductions in greenhouse gasses and the creation of highly skilled U.S. jobs.”, said Frank Harris, Global Head of Rhino Recyclers for Ecogensus. “Regal Rexnord’s unique ability to provide a powertrain solution supported by their engineering experience and differentiated by their Field Service offering allows them to play a pivotal role in the commercialization plans of Ecogensus.”

Doug Josey, Strategic Account Executive for Regal Rexnord, added, “We are fully committed to the complete lifecycle success of Ecogensus in their bold plan to deploy Rhino Recyclers across the United States, mitigating greenhouse gases, preventing waste, and bringing new ground-breaking materials to market.”

Ecogensus has developed a business model that allows it to partner with the waste industry and enhance recycling rates across the U.S., particularly of otherwise landfill-bound residual waste.

“We are working to make Ecogensus a global leader in sustainable resources. Collaborations like this with Regal Rexnord allow us to move into the expansion stage of our growth plan with confidence in the ability to scale rapidly while maintaining technical excellence.”, said Bjørnulf Østvik, Chairman and CEO of Ecogensus.

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Ecogensus is a leader in next generation sustainable resources, advanced synthetic materials, and process technologies. Our work focuses on providing environmentally-minded solutions to a number of markets and industries, including consumer goods, the power sector, building materials/construction, wastewater, and waste management. For more information, visit ecogensus.com.

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