Ecogensus Announces Groundbreaking Reinforced Sustainable Composite Material


Ecogensus Announces Groundbreaking Reinforced Sustainable Composite Material

  • U.S. Patent Office Granted the Composition Patent on July 4th, 2023
  • Next Generation Material Represents Major Advancement in the Field of New Building Materials

HOUSTONAug. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ecogensus today unveiled its new structurally reinforced, waste-derived lumber innovation, a significant development towards liberating waste-derived substances for use in a broader set of sustainable building material applications. Ecogensus was granted its foundational patent (“Compositions Containing Solid Waste Materials”, US Pat. 11,692,082) for this new product category on July 4th, 2023.

The advanced composites are formed using Ecogensus’ Dynamic Organic Repolymerization (DOR)™ process, which can transform unsorted, mixed household wastes (including high moisture organics, food waste, etc.) into a new polymeric composite material called EGS-6™. The structurally reinforced composite adds secondary strength-enhancing polymers, such as in the form of rods. Ecogensus is conducting further research in methods of cross-linking polymers, such that the EGS-6™ composite material becomes bonded to embedded polymer matrices or other solid structures.

“With this new development, we believe Ecogensus is placing itself at the intersection of materials science and sustainable resources,” said the inventor and CEO/CTO Bjørnulf Østvik. “We are proving that waste-derived material, for example, can be elevated to compete with and even exceed the qualities of legacy materials that are becoming increasingly supply-constrained.”

Ecogensus is continuing to develop and enhance its advanced materials, including utilizing waste-derived EGS-6™ as a platform substance. EGS-6™ is a uniquely high-potential solution as Ecogensus’ modular, deployable Rhino Recycler manufacturing systems could enable customers to utilize billions of tons of municipal solid waste as a feedstock raw material (while reducing landfilling and dumping).

Ecogensus plans to continue to develop its infrastructure, industry partnerships, and leverage its growing supplier base and production capabilities to become a global leader in sustainable resources and advanced materials technologies.

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Ecogensus is a leader in next generation sustainable resources, advanced synthetic materials, and process technologies. Our work focuses on providing environmentally-minded solutions to a number of markets and industries, including consumer goods, the power sector, building materials/construction, wastewater, and waste management. For more information, visit ecogensus.com.

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