Ecogensus device converts waste into solid fuel


Modular Ecogensus unit has been designed for easy shipping and installation, says the firm.


The Ecogensus EGS-5000L waste conversion unit is designed for affordable shipping and quick installation

Hartford, Connecticut-based Ecogensus LLC says its EGS-5000L product designed to thermally treat waste and convert it into a fuel “has exceeded key performance metrics” in energy consumption and processing capacity.

The Ecogensus device is designed to be transported in what the company calls standard shipping containers for quick deployment at waste facilities. Once there, the EGS-5000L incorporates a dual-shell process vessel that features “an efficient heated processor within a near-vacuum outer vessel,” says the firm. The design makes it capable of processing municipal solid waste (MSW) into a solid fuel that can be used at power plants and in coal boilers.

Ecogensus says energy usage figures from operations are coming in at from 46 to 53 percent lower than estimates made in 2019, which were based on an earlier model of the electrically-powered system. “We a
re very pleased with the performance data we’re seeing,” says
Econgensus CEO and Chief Technology Officer Bjørnulf Østvik.

“The time to finally modernize the world’s waste management infrastructure is here,” continues Østvik. “We are committed to making the world safer and cleaner with technology solutions that put an end to archaic landfilling.”

The EGS-5000L, including all major components and sub-systems, can be built to be shipped via a transportable two-skid enclosed system. The company says this “facility in a box” means the system is designed to withstand harsh conditions, overseas transport in shipping containers and handling by rigging equipment–without affecting sensitive electronics and instrumentation.

“The robust processing capacity and energy efficiency of the EGS-
5000L represents a significant achievement that far exceeds our published specifications and performance expectations,” remarks
Ecogensus Senior Systems and Controls Engineer Michael Lukas.


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