Ecogensus Develops Novel New Sustainable Resource: Plastic Substitutes Derived from Mixed Household Wastes


Ecogensus Develops Novel New Sustainable Resource: Plastic Substitutes Derived from Mixed Household Wastes

New Patent Grant Elevates Ecogensus as a Leader in Advanced Material Science – Transforming Everyday Waste into High-Performance Polymer Composite Powders

HOUSTONMay 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Ecogensus, a pioneering resource technology company, today announced its expansion into innovative materials derived from mixed wastes, unlocking the potential value of billions of tons of unused resources. These versatile new materials are engineered for a wide variety of applications, including consumer goods, industrial products, and construction. The polymer powders are designed to integrate seamlessly with 3D printing, injection molding and similar technologies, providing a sustainable alternative to conventional plastics. A transformative patent issued April 23, 2024, underscores Ecogensus’ leadership in sustainable materials technology.

Ecogensus is redefining resource technology by transforming household trash—including food waste, diapers, plastics, paper, cardboard, and yard waste—into engineered powders at a molecular level. These powders become high-quality everyday products through existing manufacturing processes.

Bjørnulf Østvik, Ecogensus Founder and CEO, stated, “This development is a pivotal moment for both Ecogensus and the broader manufacturing and environmental sectors. Our patented technology platform reinvents how materials are sourced and utilized, promoting a circular economy and mitigating environmental impacts.”

The patent covers Ecogensus’ method for converting everyday waste into adaptable, high-performance powders, leading to the creation of polymeric composite resins. These resins are designed for easy integration into current manufacturing processes, offering a sustainable solution that doesn’t compromise on quality or performance. The patent also describes polymer cross-linking to enhance the structural integrity and versatility of materials derived from processed solid waste.

This innovation positions Ecogensus at the forefront of the global shift toward sustainable materials production. The potential applications for these materials are vast, spanning industries from automotive to consumer goods, all seeking sustainable, high-performance materials.

William Gress, an Ecogensus Board member and former CEO of a leading manufacturing company, added, “We are setting new standards in the materials sector, including in additive manufacturing. Ecogensus’ process turns waste into a valuable commodity, a game-changer for industries aiming for sustainable innovation.”

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