About Us

We started years ago as a small technology company focused on ending waste and are growing into a global company with six distinct brands, protected by nearly 80 issued patents, and offering industrial machinery, recycling facilities, bioenergy, advanced materials, digital resource management and sustainable luxury goods.

Our Purpose

Ecogensus is helping to drive the resource revolution – using advanced technologies and transformative solutions to end waste. We believe that recycling waste should be one of the world’s top priorities, not only because the world is increasingly resource-constrained and simply cannot afford to waste valuable materials anymore, but also because of waste’s significant harm to the environment, human health, property values, and the earth’s atmosphere. Our innovations enable sustainable, efficient, economical and safe waste management alternatives that empower societies to move away from dumping and landfilling. Our solutions create building materials, beautiful consumer products, and valuable bioenergy from waste.

Ecogensus is giving new life to the building blocks of our world.

Our Goal: Ending Waste Landfilling
and Dumping by 2030

Global Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) rose to a little over TWO BILLION tonnes per year in 2016 and is set to rise to 3.4 billion tonnes per year by 2050 (Source: World Bank)

MSW dumping and landfilling between today and 2050 could result in an estimated 100+ billion tons of CO2e added to the Earth’s atmosphere, unless societies pursue alternatives soon

Putting an end to all MSW landfilling and dumping globally would only require about 250,000 Rhino Recyclers (estimated). Our goal is to produce these within ten years

Our plan to end landfilling by 2030:

  • Hardware (Rhino): 250K Rhino Recyclers to process residual MSW on a distributed, cost-effective and efficient basis; Combine with recycling sorting equipment
  • Sites (WeRecycle): Partner with industry; Use existing waste infrastructure wherever possible as host sites for Rhino Recyclers, Add recycling sorting capacity for optimal resource recovery at sites
  • Products (Ecogensus Elements and House of Ecologie): The output of Rhino Recyclers becomes a useful raw material. Transform recovered and processed waste into sustainable building materials, furniture and home goods. In select instances produce fossil-replacement bioenergy fuels as a low carbon energy bridge solution
  • Global Digital Network (Ecogensus GlobalConnect): Use Rhino Recyclers as data hubs and enable a global,network-based resource management
  • An End to Landfilling/Dumping: A global installed base of Rhino Recyclers is upgradeable –thus serving as the foundation for intercepting and processing daily waste generation. We plan to continually introduce new innovations to create products from the processed waste

The Future of Resource

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Building Materials

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Bridging the Gap – Low Carbon Energy Bridges

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Our Core Values

Our values represent what we believe in and what
guides us every day in what we do, how we work, and
who we choose to work with

  • We never forget the ‘why’ – our work is about improving the lives of people and preserving the earth
  • We perform with passion and excellence
  • We do what’s right (integrity)
  • We are not afraid to forge new pathways and do big things, we have courage to take bold actions
    and think differently
  • We respect others and appreciate differences and diversity
  • We are committed to safety first principles

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Ecogensus has a strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, driven by our belief in fostering an inclusive and fair workplace and ensuring a diversity of perspectives as we work towards our mission to end waste and promote sustainable materials.

As a company dedicated to the transformation of the global waste and recycling sector, we believe it is foundation to ensure a diverse workforce. We believe in promoting diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

To achieve our purpose, we work to empower our people by promoting a fair workplace and creating an environment where everyone can contribute and access opportunities.

Our goals are to attract and retain the best, diverse people and enable their professional and personal growth, while unlocking their potential to drive global change – solving some of the world’s most important and challenging problems.

Global Code of Conduct

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Business and Human Rights Statement

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Anti-Bribery and Corruption

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Bjørnulf Østvik Founder, Chairman, CEO/CTO

Bjørnulf Østvik is a former program manager at Lockheed Martin Corporation and has 15 years experience in advanced technologies

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Pete Leemputte Board Member

Pete Leemputte served as CFO of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. and Mead Johnson Nutrition Company.

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Bill Gress Board Member

Bill Gress is a seasoned executive with 35+ years experience in manufacturing and global supply chain management

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The opportunity for Ecogensus to revolutionize the sustainable materials and recycling/waste sectors is not only virtually unlimited but is quickly becoming reality. With nearly 80 issued patents, dozens more in the pipeline, and industry-leading processes and products, Ecogensus is helping drive the resource revolution.

  • X-Lab
  • Systems Engineering
  • Materials Science
  • Networked Platform
  • Renewable Energy



Ecogensus is committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers – who we view as partners in our mission to end waste and bring innovation to the resource recovery sector.

We recognize that our suppliers are critical partners and we cannot achieve our goals without them. If you are interested in working with Ecogensus and share our values, please complete the form below.

    Careers at Ecogensus

    When you work for Ecogensus, you are directly helping preserve the planet, protect people’s health, and drive the resource revolution. If you are ready to truly make a difference, please reach out to find out more about working at Ecogensus.