Our Missions

Safeguarding our planet.
Protecting people.
Ending waste.

New Pathways to Create Value & Preserve Resources

We recognize that our solutions can have a wide-ranging impact for people and the planet. We are focused on positive partnerships with communities, businesses, and other stakeholders in order to maximize our potential.

We believe that ending waste should be one of the world’s top priorities. Doing so, would create enormous benefits for public health and the environment, preserve resources, and protect the atmosphere.

Jobs & Opportunities

Modernizing the world’s waste management infrastructure and advancing recycling fosters economic mobility in a wide range of career paths. Our solutions promote opportunities such as:

  • Transition from low-tech landfills and dumps to high-tech recycling facilities
  • Sustainable materials production facilities and finished products factories
  • Greater waste collections coverage
  • Growing robust supply chains from robotics to motors to raw materials such as steel
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Circular Economy

Vast amounts of resources are wasted each year, with each ton of waste landfilled representing a loss of value from the economy. Besides the environmental and public health benefits, recycling/upcycling also can enhance the over value of the economy.

Our solutions help drive the circular economy in a number of ways including: job creation, more economical and energy efficient recycling, preservation of valuable resources, promoting sustainable energy.

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Biosafety, Biosecurity,
and Public Health

Everyone generally know there is a connection between waste and disease spread, but few know the true extent. Landfills host animals such as rodents and birds that harbor ever-evolving pathogens. Rhino systems:

  • Safely process and treat waste at 200˚C (with no combustion)
  • Are economical/efficient for bulky, unsorted household waste
  • Intercept waste close to the source
  • Stop landfill “feeding” (daily organics dumping that feeds rodents, etc)
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Solutions to accelerate the transformation to carbon neutrality.

According to the US EPA, the three largest sources of methane emissions from human activities in the U.S. are oil & gas systems, livestock, and landfills. The same holds true in most of the world. Few people realize that ending landfilling would stop one of the top 3 methane sources.

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Forest preservation is one of Ecogensus’ top goals. It is widely known that agriculture is a cause of deforestation, but wood products are also a major contributor – responsible for deforestation of nearly 1.2 million acres per year.

Ecogensus is helping to save forests by recovering and recycling waste and producing sustainable wood-substitute products.

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Landfills have profound negative effects on wildlife. Ending waste landfilling can help restore natural ecosystems.

Wildlife is affected both directly and indirectly by landfills. Besides replacing forests and natural areas, landfills cause profound wildlife disruption and behavioral changes. Leaching toxic substances from landfills affect water supplies. Landfill methane drives climate change, which harms wildlife as well.

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Ecogensus can help solve the ocean plastics problem! Millions of tons of waste plastics enter the world’s oceans every year. Our systems offer an economical option for waste (including plastics) - even driving demand for plastics, which encourages plastics to be gathered and recycled.

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Low carbon fuels are recognized as a key part of the global energy transformation. Our industry-leading waste-derived fuels are immediate ways to keep thermal coal in the ground. Our lignite upgrading systems increase the per-ton energy content (thus reducing the tonnage needed)

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Measuring Progress

Ecogensus GlobalConnect will offer a way to bring together a worldwide network of recycling operations and offer continuous data gathering and monitoring. Using this solution provides valuable data for monitoring recycling and decarbonization metrics and compliance reporting.

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