Putting an end to waste

We are bringing the waste industry into the 21st century

We are protecting citizens
from the harmful waste

Ecogensus is deploying break-through technology to divert waste away from the landfill and helping keep coal in the ground. Ecogensus systems can be deployed at existing waste handling sites, thermally treating the waste and converting it into a solid fuel before it ever leaves the local waste processing site. Ecogensus also enables increased recycling and net CO2 reduction.

The board members

Bjørnulf Østvik
Chairman, CEO and CTO
Steve Zelnak
Board Member
Peter Leemputte
Board Member
Bill Gress
Board Member


We are currently rolling out our Model EGS-5000L – a system that can be shipped within standard shipping containers and placed into service at existing waste transfer stations, recycling centers, or really anywhere else – even in a ‘field situation’ (e.g. parking lots) hooked up to generators.
Ecogensus Spanning the Globe with Coal-Displacement Fuel Technology
Key Patents Granted in Several Countries Across Asia and South America as Ecogensus Expands Solutions for the Circular Economy Ecogensus announces that it has been granted patents in several countries, including a patent for its proprietary coal-displacement fuel in Indonesia– an important high value market and the world's fourth largest country. The Indonesian patent is […]

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